Which Downtown Orlando Residence is right for you?

Take this Quiz and find out which of these 21 featured condos and apartments in Downtown Orlando is the best match for you!

The Vue, 55 West,┬áThe Waverly, Paramount, Solaire, Aspire, 420 East, SkyHouse, Star Tower, The Sanctuary, The Jackson, The Metropolitan, Osceola Brownstones, Post Parkside, 101 Eola, Central Station, The Grande, Thornton Park Central, Eola South, 530 East Central…

1.Are you interested in Renting or Buying?
2.Is having a Pool or Gym at your residence a necessity?
3.What’s your age?
4.How many nights a week do you typically go out and do something social?
5.Which of these best describes your financial situation?
6.When searching for a place to live, are you primarily concerned with Price or Quality?
7.What’s your style?
8.Where would you rather live?

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