Best Pools In Downtown Orlando

In beautiful sunny Orlando, a must-have for residents living downtown is a quality pool that they can cool off in during the long summer months. Whether you’re a resident or visitor, it’s always good to know which buildings have the most desirable pool in town.

So which Downtown Orlando Residence has the best pool? After visiting and spending time at nearly every pool in the Downtown Orlando area, here is a review of my favorites.

Pool Size – Whether you’re interested in doing laps or hosting a Marco-Polo competition, there are 3 pools downtown that are larger than the rest and can easily accommodate your swimming needs. 55 West is home to the largest pool in Downtown Orlando, closely followed by The Vue and the Solaire. In addition to having the largest pools, these same 3 buildings also have the largest pool areas. This is a big plus for those who are more interested in getting a seat for sunbathing than splashing around in the water.

Best View – This was a tough one. The Vue and The Waverly both have nice views of Lake Eola from their pool decks, but the coolest views in my opinion are from the rooftop pools at Aspire, SkyHouse, and Star Tower. At 29 floors up, Aspire’s pool has a breathtaking view of Orlando.

Sunniest – On a clear sunny day, there’s no bigger bummer than going out to your pool to catch some rays and finding out the sun won’t peak up past the skyscraper next door for another several hours. Pools and sunshine should always go hand in hand. That’s why the rooftop pools at Aspire, Sky House and Star Tower are on the top of the list for sunniest pools downtown. The Vue’s pool is positioned on the South side of the building where the sun is virtually never obstructed by other buildings.

Ambiance – Downtown Orlando is great, but I want my pool experience to be reminiscent of being on a tropical island with breezy palm trees and the peaceful sound of water splashing on the seashore. The pools at The Sanctuary, The Paramount, and 55 West fit my definition of paradise, but in Orlando.  Their tropical foliage and cozy cabanas put me in the mood for relaxing.

Party Pool – If your perfect pool day consists of burgers, beer, music and lots of people, you should probably head over to 55 West. With the spacious deck and oversized grilling area, the 55 West pool was made for partying. For a slightly more laid-back party atmosphere, the Miami-style pool at The Waverly is a good bet. Back in its heyday, The Metropolitan at Lake Eola had the ultimate party pool with the only poolside tiki bar in Downtown Orlando. It’s calmed down a bit in recent years, but still hasn’t lost its fun-loving character.

Peaceful Pool – Just like its name promises, the pool at The Sanctuary is nothing short of tranquil bliss. The infinity-edge pool, resort-style cabanas, and calming water wall make this pool a top pick for relaxation. You won’t find any loud music or flip cup competitions going on here. 530 East Central Condos and Reeves House are two of the oldest condominiums in Downtown Orlando. They cater to a more mature, family-friendly demographic. And their pools are rarely busy.

So what IS the Best Pool in Downtown Orlando?

Downtown Orlando has something for everyone when it comes to residential pools.  Selecting the Best Pool really comes down to personal preference.  Our Top 3 Pools are:

  1. 55 West
  2. Aspire
  3. The Sanctuary

Which pool is your favorite?