How To Find Your Condo Docs

Tired of waiting on a realtor or property manager to provide you with the information you’ve been requesting? If you’re interested in learning how to obtain copies of your condominium documents, including The Declaration of Condominium, The Association Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, Amendments, Assessments, Floor Plans, HOA rate structures, etc. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to your local Comptroller’s website. For Downtown Orlando and all of Orange County, Florida, here’s the link:
  2. Look for a link to the “Official Records Search” page
  3. Read and Accept the Disclaimer
  4. On the Document Search Page, fill in the Building Name in the “Either Party” Field. I recommend excluding “The” from your search. Example- The Vue at Lake Eola will only appear if you search for “Vue” or “Vue at Lake Eola”. If you’re having problems finding your condominium, click here for an alternative approach.
  5. Before you click search, uncheck the box to the right to allow selection of the following specific document types: Condo Related and Condo Drawing
  6. Start off by selecting the record with the oldest recording date. This is typically a several hundred page document called The Declaration of Condominium.
  7. You will then be taken to the Document’s General Data page. From here find the link to “View Image” (top left corner for Orange County)

The Recorded Condo Documents and Amendments contain a wealth of valuable information for prospective buyers.  Even current residents can find it handy to have a copy of their unit floor plans.  For a guide on how to navigate the Declaration of Condominium and all of its associated Condo Documents, check out my article Declaration of Condominium Decoded.