How To Find Your Condo Docs – Alternate Method

  1. Go to your local property appraiser’s website. If you live in Downtown Orlando, here’s the link:
  2. Look for a link to the “Record Search” page, usually listed as a Quick Link or under the Property Searches Tab.
  3. Type in the Building Name in the “Subdivision/Condo/Timeshare Name” Search Field, or alternatively you can do a search based on the Building Address.
  4. Select any of the Records that show up in the Results for the Building you are interested in.
  5. You are now looking at the Property Record Card which contains information on School Zoning, Census Demographics, Utility Providers, Elected Officials, and Market Statistics.
  6. Now Click on the “View Plat” Link located on the Property Features Tab. This will redirect you to the Comptroller’s Document Search Results Page.
  7. From here you can either click on the links in the left-hand pane that say “Condo Related” OR Perform a new Document Search using either the Grantor or Grantee Name that was on the Plat Document Information Page.