Best Downtown Orlando Condos for Families

Whether you’re a Downtown Orlando resident looking to start a family or a veteran parent interested in making the move to the city, Downtown Orlando has the ideal home for you. With over 22 condos and apartments in the immediate downtown area, it can be a bit overwhelming choosing the right one. Downtown Orlando offers something for just about everyone. We will focus our attention on the condominiums that are the best for families and children.

Central Business District

The Central Business District and South Eola District are the two Downtown areas that offer the most options for multi-family housing. Just like the name entails, the Central Business District is right in the center of Downtown. Residents who enjoy fast-paced lifestyles and don’t mind the city noise are happiest in the Central Business District. While you’ll certainly find the occasional family in this neighborhood, it isn’t usually the top pick for a number of reasons. Parking is limited and traffic makes getting in and out of your home a bit of a hassle. And aside from the noise, the condos and apartments in this area cater to young adults and have very few accommodations for families.

South Eola District

Just a few blocks East of the Central Business District is the South Eola District. This much quieter, more residential community is our top pick for families interested in multi-unit housing in Downtown Orlando. With Lake Eola Park in your backyard, a Publix grocery store down the street, and everything Downtown Orlando has to offer within walking distance, the South Eola neighborhood has a lot to offer.

So What’s Next?

Now that we’ve narrowed down the location, let’s take a look at some of the other criterion for being a top residence for families. One of the main reasons families typically flock to the suburbs to raise children is to get a larger home with more space. Small city apartments just won’t cut it. Thankfully, Downtown Orlando has a few buildings that offer more spacious floor plans than average. We will also find out which ones have 3-bedroom options. The buildings that we will look at offer different degrees of security, from controlled access to full-time manned security personnel. Living in a building that has kid-friendly amenities right downstairs is a lot more convenient than having to shuttle your kids to the local pool. We will also compare the buildings to see which ones have the most mature and respectful residents. These residences are typically the most family-friendly too.

Most Spacious

The Sanctuary Downtown and Eola South have the most spacious units in Downtown Orlando. The Sanctuary Downtown has over 130 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units. And if you can afford it, they also have 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom penthouse units. Eola South is a much smaller building with only 24 units. They are primarily 3-bedroom units, with a few 4-bedroom Penthouses. The average size of the units in these 2 condos is 2,200 square-feet. That’s almost double the size of the apartments in the Central Business District!

Best Security

Hands down, the building with the best security is The Sanctuary Downtown. They have a 24-hour front desk attendant as well as full-time roaming security officers. There are cameras on every floor and even in the parking garage. The building staff really makes an effort to get to know all of the residents.

Best Amenities

When it comes to kid-friendly amenities, we are primarily interested in pools and pool areas and the crowds they attract. Again, The Sanctuary has one of the nicest pools in Downtown Orlando. It’s very large and has a sizable shallow section that’s great for children. Then there’s 530 East Central and Reeve’s House. Both buildings have very inviting pool areas with lots of space for entertaining guests or having a picnic. All three of these buildings have strict rules, which pretty much ensures there won’t be any wild parties.

Best Neighbors

Downtown Orlando attracts everything from recent college grads to retirees. If you’re looking for the best neighbors, they’re most likely going to be the older and more mature crowd. Osceola Brownstones, Eola South and Reeve’s House are three of the smallest Downtown Orlando residences, and they happen to have a very family-friendly following. The Osceola Brownstones, and the brand new Brownstones at Thornton Park are the closest you’ll get to the suburban lifestyle in the immediate Downtown Orlando area.

Top Picks for Families & Children

While the focus of this article was on condominiums in Downtown Orlando, it is worth mentioning that the Thornton Park and Lake Eola Heights neighborhoods are excellent choices for families interested in single-family homes. Both neighborhoods are conveniently located just outside the main Downtown drag and are very popular and established communities.

But let’s get back to condominiums. In the 32801 zip code, our Top Picks for families and children are:

  1. The Sanctuary Downtown
  2. Eola South
  3. Osceola Brownstones

Our top pick is The Sanctuary Downtown, which scored high on all of measures for family-friendly residences. This 18-story high-rise was built in 2005 and remains one of the most prestigious places to live in Downtown Orlando. Click on one of the links above to find out more stats on this building, or check out our review of The Sanctuary here.

Coming in at 2nd place was Eola South. Eola South has one of the best locations in Downtown Orlando, right on the corner of Eola Drive and Central Ave. This mid-rise condominium was also built in 2005 and is known for it’s massive terraces and spacious floor plans.

Osceola Brownstones narrowly beat out Reeve’s House and 530 East Central for the 3rd place pick on our list because of its spacious units and townhouse layout. Having an attached garage is a luxury very few have in the city. And for families that are constantly on the go, this convenience is almost a necessity. On top of that, the 3-story layout with rooftop terrace and optional Jacuzzi really make these 1,700 square-foot units feel huge.  Check out our review of Osceola Brownstones here.