Osceola Brownstones – Review

If you think your only option for living Downtown consists of high-rise towers with hundreds of units, rowdy neighbors, strict rules, treacherous parking garages, and outrageous fees, then rest assured… there is another option! The Osceola Brownstones consist of 26, 2-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouses along Osceola Avenue between Jackson Street and South Street. This small community in the South Eola District is right across the street from Star Tower.   Once you step through the front gate and into the beautifully landscaped courtyard, you’ll feel like you’re in a small-town suburb rather than right in the middle of Downtown Orlando.  

Townhouse Lifestyle

Townhomes are the midway point between condominiums and single-family homes. In a lot of ways, they offer the best of both worlds. You get the luxury of having your very own personal garage and landscaped front yard, and you don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn or replacing the roof. You’re not going to come across too many single-family homes in the heart of Downtown Orlando, or other major cities. Property values are just too high. Townhouses, like the ones at Osceola Brownstones, or The Brownstones at Thornton Park, are the closest option to having the single-family home lifestyle in the middle of Downtown. The Osceola Brownstones are family-friendly and dog-friendly. They offer more privacy and space than the other residential buildings in the area.

No Amenities, No Problem

Most of the multi-family residential communities in the Downtown area feature pools, fitness centers, club rooms, and a manned front desk. The Osceola Brownstones have none of these standard amenities; and for a lot of people, this is viewed as a plus rather than a shortcoming. Amenities are pricey, and if you’re not going to use them regularly, then why pay for them? Osceola Brownstones has the lowest HOA fees in Downtown Orlando at $0.20/SF.

Floor Plans / Rooftop Terraces

The units at Osceola Brownstones range in size from 1,455 to 1,731 square feet. That’s about 40% larger than the average 2-bedroom unit in Downtown Orlando. You have the option of entering the townhouse from the first floor garage which leads to a small bonus room, or from the street which takes you to a foyer between the first and 2nd floors. The 2nd floor consists of an open kitchen and living room, with a partial bathroom off to the side. There’s also a small outdoor patio on this level. The 3rd floor has 2 nicely-sized bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. From here you can take a spiral staircase to the rooftop terrace. The rooftop terraces are the standout feature at the Osceola Brownstones. The majority of the units have Jacuzzis. With a bit of landscaping and furnishings, you can really turn these terraces into something special. The partial walls provide privacy from the street, but not from your neighbors. The views are nice and the noise is minimal in this part of town.


Osceola Brownstones is located a few blocks off the main drag which is considered a blessing by the residents, as this distance also serves as a buffer to the Downtown noise and rowdiness. The Osceola Brownstones tend to attract more families and long-term residents than a lot of the Downtown communities. If you’re not ready to give up the city life, but you want a bit more “home” than you get with a condo, Osceola Brownstones is a good place to look.